Do you supply and fit new flooring?

Yes. We can supply and fit all types of flooring, including engineered, hardwood and reclaimed flooring. We also fit all types of wooden flooring. We offer all these services at very competitive prices.

What are the maintenance options for each finish?

The operative word here is ‘maintenance’. Always have a door mat to trap any grip or dust coming in from outside. Make sure to sweep or vacuum the rooms as often as possible, so that the dirt doesn’t cover the floor when it comes into contact with other objects. Identity areas that endure high traffic and watch out for wear and tear. When any are detected, apply fresh lacquer or wax on the area. If you wear shoes in the house or have children or pets, these will increase the chances of the floor needing more sanding. Therefore, you should reduce these factors where possible and increase every maintenance routine you will be practicing.

Is sanding engineered flooring possible?

Engineered floors are not like laminated floors that can’t be sanded back after finishing. They have a top wear layer that allows for multiple sanding. Previously, this wasn’t possible, but today, things are different. However, the thickness of the wear layer will determine how often engineered flooring can be sanded. For instance, if the thickness of the wear layer is 2mm, then it can only be sanded twice.

Will sanding my wooden floor help with my asthma?

Studies show that wooden floors are home to dust mites, which can trigger asthma. Also, our sanding machines generate zero to no dust, so you’re well covered in that area. We make use of quality finishing chemicals that are not coarse, so that you don’t have to worry about it triggering your asthma. However, we recommend you wait for it to dry before using the rooms in question. The finishing will also take a longer time to harden – perhaps two to three days – so make sure not to place any furniture on it.

Can you provide any references of your floor sanding work?

We will be delighted to provide references to allow you to forge a clearer picture of our brand and signature style. Why not start from checking out some of the public buildings we’ve worked on? They can exhibit the quality of our service and you’ll get to see if you have any favourites. After that, you can also interact with some of our customers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Google+. They will not only tell you about the quality of our services, but also how friendly our professionals are.

How booked up are you?

We’ve been offering high quality floor sanding services for a number of years. Our excellent service delivery ensures we are always in high demand. That’s why we staff highly trained experts on our team, who are ready to accommodate all your flooring needs, anytime you need them. Furthermore, we will always work around your schedule to fit in with you.

How many coats of oil or lacquer do you apply?

We usually apply three coats. However, for lacquer, we use one prime coat alongside three top coats.

Will floor sanding add value to my property?

There’s no doubt that a varnished wooden floor always turns heads. Sanded flooring with good finishing catches the eye. A renovated hardwood is always something to count as a plus when you’re showing a realtor around your property. Generally, making improvements to your property will add value to it, with your flooring being no exception.

What benefits are there to getting a floor sanded?

There are many benefits to sanded floors. For instance, they are usually much more hygienic than non-sanded ones. They look more appealing and are easier to clean and maintain. The benefits are boundless. It also gives your entire look a facelift, which when combined with redecoration, is dazzling.

Is my floor too bad to be sanded?

Most floors aren’t as bad as they appear. Once we remove the finishing, you’ll find that the wood is still good. After sanding it, you’ll still be able to see the beauty underneath. However, if it’s in poor condition, we can repair the floorboards with reclaimed ones or fill it up with sawdust and glue. From experience, most of the ugliness disappears after a floor is properly sanded.

How many times can a floor be sanded?

The best way to answer this question is to take into account all the factors surrounding sanding. For instance, the thickness of the floor is a major factor that can determine how many times it can be sanded. Also, the people carrying out the sanding job will be factored in. Generally, if there is a significant blemish on the floor, sanding will be applied to take care of it. If you are particularly worried about your floor, call us and we’ll take some details to help answer your questions more effectively.

Can I put my rugs back down when you finish?

Once we have completed your floor, we recommend you do not place rugs back down for 7 days to allow floor to breath and cure properly.

How long after you finish does it take for the floor to cure?

Once the final coats have been applied, it will take 72 hours before your floor is at full strength.

Can I sand my own floor?

Yes you can, but you will need to hire all the equipment and buy all your own materials, once you have done this you may have saved some money but the final result would not be as nearly as good as the professionals. The process will be much more dusty also due to the quality of machines you would be using.

Do you Sub contract workers?

No, we never sub contract our workers, you will be greeted by our trusted and relaible employees.

Do I have to be at my property during the work?

As long as we have access you do not need to be in while we renovate your floors, most of our clients will leave us to it during the day due to the noise levels.

What are your working Hours?

Our working hours on site will usually be 0845 – 1700 in most cases, however this may vary if required to complete your floors on tighter schedules.

Do you work weekends?

We do work on Saturdays, however if work is not completed by the end of day we will return on the Monday in most situations unless prearranged.

How can I make payment?

Payment is expected on completion of your floor and can be made by BACS (bank transfer) or cash.

What about my furniture?

We do require rooms to be clear on arrival, however if possible we can move large heavy items out of the room if our clients are unable to lift them by themselves. (Please discuss if you have these requirements)

When can I move my furniture back after sanding and sealing?

You can move your furniture back after 24 hours, however the cure time for most lacquers is 72 hours before your floor is at full strength, we recommend minimum traffic where possible to reduce risk of damage and to place felt pads under furniture before moving back.

Will there be much smell?

Waterborne finishes are the most environmentally friendly and have the least odour, other products we use are spirit based and will have a strong smell to them while we are working in the property.

When will my floors need doing again?

Generally, provided the floors are well maintained, they should not need resanding for 7- 10 years. However if you have pets and children this may be reduced. We recommend felt pads for your furniture legs to avoid scratching, also when cleaning your floors you use non bleaching products.

Is it possible to make the floor lighter or darker?

Yes we have multiple wood stain colours which come in dark and light colours, including white washes and greys. We can apply samples to your floor on arrival to give you a true represenstaion of the colour on your floor.

Will it be very dusty?

We have the best sanding machines on the market so there is very little dust to contend with. Our state of the art machines however capture up to 98% of dust particles. The only exception to this is when sanding stairs which can be dusty due to smaller sanders with less extraction.

Can you fill the gaps inbetween my floor boards?

We can fill your gaps, for small 3mm gaps and smaller we can use a resin filler, for larger gaps we recommend using wood slithers which is the most robust method.

Can you remove our old concrete hearth?

Yes we can chase out the old concrete hearth, we will then rejoist and stagger in pine boards to match your exisiting pine floor.

Do you offer free quotations?

Yes. We can provide realistic estimates over the phone or via email if you provide me with information for your job, please see the contact us page for more help. If your happy with the estimate then I will arrange a site visit to check in more detail.

How long does it take to sand a floor?

A minimum of 1 day, no matter how large the job, any floor sanding job will take a minimum of a day’s work. This is because once we have sanded the floor, we have to apply 3 coats of lacquer.

Should I decorate before or after sanding?

There is no right or wrong answer for this, we can sand your floor before or after, if you do the decorating before we recommend to leave the skirting boards as theymay be damaged slightly during sanding.

Can you replace my damaged pine floor boards?

Yes, we have our own stock of period floor boards and never replace damaged boards with new pine like builders and other companys may do!